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  • Course Evaluation Information (Tuesday, April 21, 2015)

    Many courses have student opinion surveys available. Students have 3 ways to get to their course evaluations:

    1) From the emails they will receive letting them know they have evaluations available; 

    2) By logging in to Bb Learn and clicking on the big Course Evaluations tab toward the upper-right; 

    3) By simply going to this URL:

    Students will have an option to send proof of evaluation completion to their instructors; students should use this option only if requested to do so by their instructors.

    Instructors may access evaluation information the same way; you will see any evaluations you have open, their current completion rates, and when the reports will be available. Instructors, please advise your students not to use this tool if you don’t want emails from them. 

  • Systems Status (Wednesday, October 8, 2014)

    For information about planned or un-planned system maintenance and outages (Blackboard Learn as well as other systems), check the NAU IT Systems Status page:

    When planned maintenance will result in actual downtime, an announcement will usually be posted on this Bb Learn login page as well (

    Blackboard also maintains a status page that may be informative regarding specific Blackboard components and services:

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